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Charmed 100 word drabbles!
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This community is for weekly Charmed drabbles! You've seen them before everywhere else! Write to your heart's content about the power of three!


1. New challenges will be posted every Saturday. All posts for that challenge will be accepted up until the time a new challenge is posted. Knock yourselves out. Multiple postings are encouraged!

(A drabble is a fanfic story in 100 words. :))

2. Any crossover, pairing, rating, genre, etc. is allowed, unless the challenge specifies otherwise. If your drabble has explicit material in it, or significant spoilers for S6 of Charmed, then please put it behind an LJ cut.

3. Suggest challenges for next time in the current week's challenge post.

4. Play nice. No flaming, trolling, etc.

5. If you want to pimp something, make sure it's attached to a post containing a drabble. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

Regarding Chocolate

In the spirit of fun, and cause I like that x_men100 does it, if your story is exactly one hundred words, feel free to offer chocolate or candy to the character of your choice! we'll see who's most popular each week. :)

Questions? Contact girlfromsouth

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